Add chicken 4, steak, shrimp or salmon 6 to any salad
All of our half pound burgers are made with
USDA Choice Beef, served with lettuce, onion & pickle
All burgers & sandwiches come with choice of side
Plain, parmesan or chili dusted, pretzel roll
Stuffed fire burger
Spicy jalapeños stuffed, topped with pepper jack cheese, served
on chili dusted roll 12
Stuffed bleu burger
Crumbly bleu cheese and pieces of hearty bacon fill this
burger, served on a parmesan sprinkled roll 12
Steak house burger
Stuffed with caramelized onions and mushrooms, seasoned
with spices, melted cheddar cheese, and A1 aioli 12
Build your own burger
Choose 2 from our Toppings Menu 9
Toppings Menu
Sriracha Mayo, Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Fresh Slaw, Spinach,
Pickled or Sautéed Onions, Jalapenos, Applewood Bacon,
Coffee Crust, Marinated mushrooms
Choice of cheese - (additional toppings - .50)
Steak in the grass
Open faced sliced tenderloin steak, seasoned and grilled,
smothered in spinach, mushrooms and melted Provolone 14
Porto wrap
Marinated Portobello mushroom caps, roasted red peppers,
goat cheese, shaved red onion, marinated artichokes and field
greens, served in spinach wrap 10
Chicken Caesar
Choice of grilled or crispy chicken, classic Caesar dressing,
Romaine lettuce, fresh grated parmesan in a spinach or flour
tortilla 10
Tender thin-sliced corned beef piled high, with sauerkraut and
melted Swiss cheese served on thick grilled rye bread with
Thousand Island dressing 11
Chicken sandwich
Grilled chicken served on a Costanzo roll, layered with roasted
red peppers, sautéed spinach, spicy sriracha mayo, and melted
Provolone 11
Beef on weck
A Buffalo classic, slow roasted and hand carved to order
Choice of plain or Kimmelweck roll 9
Sausage hoagie
Grilled sausage with sautéed peppers and onions 8
Hot dog
1/4 lb. hot dog created especially for eXit 2 by Wardynski’s, served
on a Costanzo roll with 2 toppings of your choice 7
chef chips - house salad
macaroni salad - seasonal vegetables
potato salad
seasoned fries - sweet potato fries
smoky baked beans with ground pork
Ale and cheese
A special blend of beer and cheese served with
parmesan croutons Cup 3 Bowl 4
Traditional French onion
eXit 2's French onion soup, caramelized in a rich
broth with toasted baguette, topped with bubbly
Swiss cheese Crock 5.5
eXit salad
Mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, chick peas,
pickled red onions, shredded carrots 4.50
Romaine lettuce, classic Caesar dressing and croutons
topped with a parmesan cheese crisp 7
Tomatoes, shredded carrots, chick peas, crumbled
blue cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg, spicy bacon bits,
layered over fresh mixed field greens 9
The berries
Mixed field greens, a variety of fresh berries, toasted
almonds and goat cheese drizzled with our balsamic
reduction dressing 9
Build your salad and choose your scoops: chicken
salad, Albacore tuna salad or hummus served over a
bed of lettuce with homemade tortilla chips
1 Scoop 5 2 Scoops 8 3 Scoops 11
Classic wedge
Iceberg lettuce, spicy bacon bits, crumbly blue
tomatoes, shredded carrots in a tangy bleu cheese
dressing 8

Charred Romaine
Grilled heart of romaine, caramelized onions, crumbly
blue, candied walnuts, with balsamic drizzle 10
soups and salads
s and salads
Burgers, sandwiches & wraps
burgers, sandwiches & wraps
Mozzarella melts
Fresh Mozzarella lightly breaded and fried,
topped with house made bruschetta and balsamic
drizzle 6
Pretzel sticks
Warm soft pretzels deep fried served with our own ale
and cheese soup 7
O - rings
A tower of hand cut onion rings dipped in our
hoppy beer batter and fried to perfection, served with
our Sriracha mayo sauce 7

Pickle chips
Dill pickle chips battered and fried to a golden crisp,
served with malt aioli 5
X - fingers
Try our unique take on the classic chicken finger served
with your choice of dipping sauce 8
The fryer basket
A sampler platter of X - fingers, O - rings, fries and
Mozzarella melts 13
Large flour tortilla stuffed with sautéed onions,
peppers, and spicy pepper jack cheese, melted on
the grill 6
Add Chicken 4, Steak or Shrimp 5
Banana peppers
Banana peppers stuffed with a house blend of cheeses,
baked to a golden brown, served with our signature
marinara sauce 9
Bread & Spreads
Grilled baguette pieces featuring: bruschetta, black
olive tapenade, garlic hummus spreads 9
Spin dip
Spinach and artichoke hearts blended together into a
creamy dip served warm with our house made tortilla
chips 9
Fresh Caprese
Sliced roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, layered with
fresh garden basil topped with balsamic drizzle 9
Bacon wrapped shrimp
4 Large shrimp wrapped in crispy bacon, baked to a golden
crisp tossed Cajun style or bourbon bbq 12
Golden fried calamari rings served with marinara or sweet &
sour dipping sauce 11
Lettuce wraps
Roll your own: crisp iceberg lettuce, pan seared chicken,
Asian vegetables, sesame seeds and our own citrus
soy Ponzu sauce 9
Fresh mussels steamed in a white wine butter garlic
broth, served with French bread baguette 13
Shrimp cocktail
4 large shrimp chilled, served with cocktail sauce 9
Fish tacos
Two blackened whitefish tacos topped with iceberg lettuce,
salsa, pepper jack cheese, Sriracha mayo in grilled flour
tortilla shells 12
10 Large wings -hot, medium, mild, lemon pepper, garlic
parmesan, bourbon bbq sauce, Sriracha sauce
Single 9 Double 17
Off the grille 2.00 upcharge
Flat breads
Caprese – Oven roasted sun dried tomatoes, melted
mozzarella, fresh basil, finished with balsamic drizzle 8
Grilled chicken - Caramelized onions, goat cheese,
roasted red peppers, finished with balsamic drizzle 10
Steak - Sliced steak tenderloin, caramelized onions,
sautéed spinach, roasted garlic & melted provolone, topped
with a steakhouse aioli 12
Just for Kids Just for Kids for Kids
All kids’ meals include fries or a small salad
child sized burger  chicken fingers
 grilled hot dog  grilled cheese
spaghetti with sauce
appetizers and snacks

Chicken and waffles
A classic southern dish; Belgian waffle topped with
crispy fried chicken in a pool of rum butter sauce,
finished with walnuts 16
NY strip
12 oz. strip, Chef cut, lightly seasoned and grilled to
your liking, garlic roasted potatoes, seasonal
vegetable 22
Grilled salmon
Served over lemon rice, topped with sage butter
and onion frizzles 19

Shrimp dinner
Jumbo shrimp with choice of 2 sides 18
(Cajun, battered, broiled, lemon pepper, breaded)
The strog
Tender beef tips sautéed with marinated
Portobello mushrooms & red onion in rich
Cabernet gravy served over Pappardelle pasta 17
*Gluten free pasta available upon request
3 cheese stuffed raviolis, oven dried tomatoes, sautéed
spinach in a garlic infused white wine butter sauce 17
Sausage and Gemelli pasta, baked in a rustic tomato
cream sauce, topped with fresh parmesan cheese 16
Sriracha shrimp
Jumbo shrimp and sautéed spinach in a spicy sriracha
marinara sauce served over linguini pasta 18
Parmigiana combination
Breaded chicken & eggplant, fried and layered with
parmesan, mozzarella and our own marinara sauce
with side of linguini 16
Mussels’ beurre blanc
Mussels steamed with garlic and shallots, tossed with
sautéed spinach, oven roasted tomatoes in a white
wine butter garlic sauce over linguini pasta 17
Chicken milanese
Breaded chicken served over an arugula salad,
tomatoes, red onion, with lemon vinaigrette 16
Shrimp scampi
Shrimp sautéed in a white wine butter lemon sauce,
fresh spinach and tomatoes over linguini pasta 18
Pork chop dinner
10 oz bone in pork chop with roasted potatoes and
seasonal vegetable, topped with a tomato bacon jam
eXit 2 every day fish fry
Fresh haddock, breaded, broiled,
beer battered, lemon pepper garlic or
cajun seasoned: Served with two sides
chef chips - house salad
macaroni salad - seasonal vegetables
potato salad
seasoned fries - sweet potato fries
smoky baked beans with ground pork